Monday, November 21, 2016

Jobless - Day 18

Day 18
November 21

Miles: 2
Steps: 4,907

I'm going into my third week of unemployment in Austin. While I love the lack of overwhelming stress and full time pressure, I am also finding it hard to relax and fully embrace the job free life. Because, obviously, it can't continue long term. 

I still haven't heard back from the DOT, the visitor's bureau or the handful of other jobs I applied for. So, I took a part-time gig this morning, working customer service at a seasonal craft fair. 

When interviewing for full-time positions, I feel it's best to say I was filling my downtime with writing and part-time work rather than discussing my adventures at Wurstfest, the Redline Brewery tour and drinking copious amounts of alcohol on Rainey Street. Not that I'm not enjoying my time doing those other things. 

Since this week is Thanksgiving, I have little hope that I will hear back on any of the aforementioned positions. That provides me a bit of relief knowing that, for now, I can take a breath.

Come Monday, I'll board the stress express once again.

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