Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 23

Day 23
November 26

Miles: 4
Steps: 10,063

Started the day at a Christmas parade in downtown Austin. The last parade I went to was in Charleston and I expected more of the same, which included many convertibles hauling city officials, the local minor league baseball team mascot, marching bands and twirlers, some basic flatbed floats.

Wow, was I wrong.

THIS small town parade was legit. I'm talking Macy's style air balloons (five of them!), horse drawn carriages, Disney princesses, a Delorean (no word on whether it time travels), a Star Wars crew performing choreographed fight sequences and multiple custom floats carrying the likes of Elvis, Pikachu, Curious George, the Monsters Inc. guys (Mike Wozowski!) and more. 

The parade was a reflection of this town: progressive, creative, smart and fun.

This is my kind of town.


Austin Christmas parade
Happy ATX-Mas (roaming around DT)

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