Monday, November 7, 2016

Jobless - Day 4

Day 4
November 7

Miles: .6
Steps: 1,493

I woke to the buzzing of my cell phone. Which is, by the way, amazing because I never have the sound up on my phone.

And I didn't have the sound up now.

But I miraculously heard the buzzing, sat up and tried not to answer groggily.

"Hello?" I squeaked from my still sleepy vocal chords.

"Is this Danielle?" the voice asked.

"It is," I replied with more force.

"My boss asked me to call and change your interview scheduled for today to the same time tomorrow. She's not feeling well," he explained.

"That's totally fine," I assured the voice on the other end.

Let me just say, there was a time this would have put me over the edge.

That time was a mere three weeks ago.

But times they are a changin'.

A day delay only gives me more prep time to blow them away.

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